Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Perennials and Sutherland, LLC–comprised of Sutherland, Perennials and David Sutherland Showrooms—continues to make strides in facilitating environmentally-friendly and socially responsible processes in each area of business. From reducing waste with incredibly durable products, to responsible sourcing, to ensuring diversity and inclusion, the Perennials and Sutherland companies aim to nurture our planet. We consistently research alternative ways to reduce waste, recycle ancillary product, and lessen our carbon footprint. Much of our business relies on clients enjoying the great outdoors. In order to foster this, we must ensure the great outdoors remain just that… Great.


Excellence, verified.

Sustainable Design

Durability plus timeless design equals longevity.

Sustainability Practices

Promises and the actions backing them.

Community Matters

Giving back to the communities that surround us.