Allen Kirsch

Art by Allen Kirsch

Allen Kirsch, a native of Dallas, Texas graduated from the University of Texas at Austin where he studied both fine art and architecture.

“I love working in layers whether it’s light and translucent or heavy and thick. I’m continually putting them on and taking them off.”

“The ‘rush’ comes when the “adding’ or ‘removing’ of a layer brings or reveals something totally unexpected. It’s more about what the paint can or will do rather than what I might be outlining. I’m always expecting a wonderful surprise or revealing.”

Featured Product

Untitled 2581

“Specifically, it’s vintage women’s party dresses soaked in a special hi-gloss black oil paint.   I don’t always tell people at first what it is, but rather wait for them to discover it for themselves.” – Allen Kirsch


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Dallas, TX

Houston, TX

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