Atelier Purcell

Atelier Purcell

Alexander Purcell was first driven to launch the Atelier Purcell furniture and lighting collection to grant new life to the bespoke designs he had created for his projects.

“The ability to refine and iterate design ideas more rapidly brings a playfulness to creating furniture – the constraints of architectural construction don’t apply.”

The collection features beautiful material pairings – solid brass and eucalyptus, stainless steel and oak, bronze and marble, manufactured with innovative technologies.

Featured Product


Ysabel is not just a lounge chair, it’s a statement, a whimsical manifestation of comfort and style. Its iconic silhouette evokes a sense of wonder and invites you to take a seat. With its signature Y-shaped back and scalloped walnut, oak or brass details, Ysabel’s distinctive design is visually striking and equally iconic.


Atelier Purcell is available at select David Sutherland showrooms. Select a location below for address information, upcoming events and additional lines represented in these locations.


Chicago, IL
Dallas, TX
Dania, FL
Houston, TX
Los Angeles, CA
Washington DC