Bradford Stewart

Bradford Stewart

Bradford Stewart is an abstract painter living and working in Los Angeles. As a former composer and professional musician, his work is inspired by contemporary jazz, ethnic and avant-garde music. Although Stewart transitioned from music to the visual arts nearly 25 years ago, music continues to play a significant role in his life. “Listening to music puts me in a mindset that is more spatially oriented and seems to help me gain access to the creative possibilities, with a minimum of conscious thought.”

What separates Stewart from many other artists is the importance he places on the layering of materials. By his use of dozens of transparent, translucent, and pearlescent washes, the paintings have an extraordinarily lush, vibrant and alive quality.

“The way in which light interacts with the surfaces, places an emphasis on the proper use of lighting. Spot lights help illuminate the reflective quality of the materials i use, and without it, the work can appear very flat or dull looking. I like the paintings to have a shimmering effect, which can add a hue of color and vibrancy to the environment.”


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