Douglas Fanning

Doug Fanning is a passionate architect, designer, and creator whose unique work is aptly described as “tough-beauty”. Like the classic American muscle cars, Doug artfully shapes metal with sheer willpower and constant experimenting to turn the mundane and brutish into graceful beauty. Doug immerses himself in his Red Hook Brooklyn studio surrounded by bars and sheets of various metals, a plethora of creative ideas and experiments, and an aura that anything and everything is doable. Out of this cauldron of possibilities emerges a magnificent marriage of architect, design, and physics in the form of clean, fluid, daring pieces of art.

“I am an architect by training, artist by passion. Because of my background I always envision everything finished first and second is what I need to do to get there. ‘There’, I know, will come with a level of risk and precision that I have already calculated, analyzed, and accepted. Once ‘there’ is in me, it takes over and will not stop. I have always admired the architectural style of New Brutalism. Not for the facade but instead for the rough shelled mentality that it emanates. I’m drawn to structures that are thoughtful and honest, and there is nothing more true than having the ability to see and feel the bare materials used.”


Doug Fanning is available at select David Sutherland showrooms. Select a location below for address information, upcoming events and additional lines represented in these locations.


Chicago, IL

Dallas, TX