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Pantone's Color of the Year

At Perennials we’re proud of our impeccably timeless designs that will endure for years to come. Because let’s be honest, a luscious velvet quality or classic pinstripe will never go out of style. Yet with that in mind, we love to keep tabs on design trends and popular styles that clients are flocking to. Today we tackle Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year: Classic Blue.

Pantone's color of the year, Classic Blue is part of the wide variety of products offered in Perennials' fabrics and rugs.

Every December designers, home enthusiasts and interior design nerds get giddy over Pantone’s Color of the Year announcement. The hoopla surrounding it is similar to Vogue stating that puffy sleeves are in for Spring. Brands and publications create a whirlwind of content surrounding it (ahem…hi.) and market it in every way, shape, and form. But where did it all begin? 

Twenty years ago, Pantone debuted the annual tradition of christening a specific hue “Color of the Year.” The folks at the Pantone Color Institute combed the globe looking at popular design trends, socio-economic conditions, natural elements, and more to come up with one ultimate color to influence fashion, design, and commerce for the next calendar year. The celebrated color typically represents a broader meaning that reflects a communal feeling—or need. For instance, this year Pantone chose “Classic Blue” because it is “the feeling of calm and reassurance that helps us have the confidence to move forward,” per Laurie Pressman, VP at Pantone Color Institute. 

In other words, Pantone wants us to take a breather in this fast-paced chaotic world. A departure from years past (Living Coral, Ultra Violet), blue is historically connected with the feeling of tranquility, as it’s reminiscent of soothing blue oceans and a clear sky. Studies show that people benefit from being near bodies of water, and in a similar vein, being surrounding by blue inspires a peaceful mind and a sense of stability.

Fortunately, for the design community blue has a deep-rooted history in the industry. Ancient Egyptians were the first to produce a blue pigment around 2,200 B.C., creating the oldest known artificial pigment: Egyptian Blue. They made paints, glazes, and even decorated tombs with the pigment, as they believed it was the color of the heavens, fertility, and rebirth. Fast-forward to China in the mid-15th century where artisans intricately glazed and finished porcelain pottery with a cobalt pattern depicting wave patterns or landscapes. The trend made its way to Europe in the 18th century, becoming the popularized Delftware we know and love today. In the 1900’s blue became a symbol of patriotism in America and remains a staple in Americana design.

“As dazzling and deep as the ocean, our Royal Blue is the perfect anchor for layering and provides an endless variety of mixing and matching. In anticipation of the sea change that a new year promises, blue is indeed the color for 2020.”

And though years and trends come and go, our colors will never waver. Because we introduce pigments to the fiber in a liquid state, they will NEVER fade or bleach away, leaving clients with vibrancy for years and years.

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