Rug Constructions, Explained

Discover what makes each rug construction unique. From chenille yarns to pile tufts, read about our principal rug constructions offered at Perennials.

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When Perennials Rugs launched years ago, we focused on flatwoven rugs ideal for the outdoors. Our product development team went to work developing plushier, prettier, more innovative rug designs made with the same 100% solution-dyed fibers used in our fabrics. Fast forward to 2020 and clients can choose from a variety of rug constructions: Tibetan knot, drop stitch, flatwoven, and chenille flatwoven.

What’s a drop stitch rug? What are flatwoven rugs the best option for outdoor use? We answers these questions and more below…

Tibetan Knot

We did a deep dive into Tibetan knot rugs in this post, but in a nutshell, they are our plushiest construction ideal for indoor use. Perennials’ Tibetan knot rugs are hand-knotted at 80 knots per inch. For 2020 our rug development innovated a gorgeous array of carved and loop-and-pile constructions that feature the 3/8″ pile with added texture. This technique can be seen in C Major and Allison Paladino’s designs for the brand such as Sonder III and Walkabout.

Drop Stitch

Somewhat of a mid-point between Tibetan knot and flatwoven rugs, drop stitch rug styles feature both lush pile and lower elements. Perennials’ hand-knotted drop stitch rugs combine the ruggedness of flatwoven constructions with plushy areas, resulting in a rug ideal for many environments. Drop stitch rugs also beautifully feature Perennials’ trademark expert color blending.


Chances are when you think of “outdoor rugs,” flatwoven styles come to mind. Flatwoven rugs are constructed without tufted piles and with clean tailored binding. This makes them a great choice for outdoor use or aquatic environments as they will not soak up water. To note, all Perennials rugs resist mildew and mold due to the 100% solution-dyed acrylic fibers. But keep in mind that flatwoven rugs will dry much quicker than say a Tibetan knot outdoor rug. Perennials’ flatwoven rugs remain soft to the touch due to our yarns, so feel free to place indoors as well.

Chenille Flatwoven

New for Spring 2020, Perennials introduced a luxurious take on our popular flatwoven rug construction – chenille flatwoven! Need a refresher on chenille yarns? See this post. Our chenille flatwoven rugs retain every performance aspect of the original flatwoven, but with an added layer of supreme softness. These styles would make a great runner, kitchen rug, or accent rug in a heavily trafficked space.

The best news? Every bleach-cleanable rug construction is currently offered on Perennials’ in stock Ready to Roll program – now available 24/7 on our e-commerce platform!

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