The Story Behind Wild Child

We're giving you a peak into the stories behind our personal favorites. Today we reveal the story behind Wild Child.

Perennials Spring 2019 collection No Hard Feelings centered on just that… Feeling. Touch. Softness. The luxury performance fabrics focused on blended colors and exciting weaves. The collection is intriguing and indulgent, so the product development team turned to a source of inspiration known for indulgence: Chanel!


“Chanel’s passion for feminizing tweed by implementing new colors, materials, and textures to the then-underutilized fabric took the fashion world by storm, inspiring other French couturiers to employ her methods.” (CR Fashion Book). Sound familiar? We ALSO love experimenting with new colors and textures at Perennials! Thus tweed proved to be the perfect inspiration for a collection all about texture.

For Wild Child, Perennials PD (ahem, product development) put a bohemian spin on the classic tweed fabric by boosting the color contrast. The team also experimented with various weaves to lend an ultra textural appeal. The resulting quality is chunky, cozy, and oh so chic.

Wild Child is already a designer favorite in the upholstery department, being used for ottomans, lounge chairs, and more! The best use of the fabric thus far? ‘T Huis van Oordeghem placed Wild Child all over this outdoor space in a literal Chanel pop up shop in Saint Tropez. A prime example of design coming full circle.

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Wild Child
Wild Child
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