Thrills & Spills with Vincent Van Duysen

As an internationally renowned award-winning product designer and architect to stars like Kanye West and Julianne Moore, Vincent Van Duysen requires no introduction. The Belgian icon has designed stunning collections with sister-brand Sutherland Furniture, and for Fall 2021, blessed Perennials with a sophisticated collection that is certain to wow clients.

Sabbia Rug

After the success of his Otti and Franck collections with Sutherland Furniture, a Perennials collection was a no brainer. Van Duysen centered his collection on sumptuous texture and sophisticated tones. Debuting eight fabrics and six rugs, Perennials by Vincent Van Duysen is an instant classic for both indoor and outdoor use. Discover Van Duysen’s inspiration and process.

For me it was important to understand how people live in their homes, to somehow discover an art of living.

Your Perennials collection is inspired by tones and textures found in your own home. Have you always gravitated towards linens and soft tones?

Yes exactly, the range was born out of the idea to embed the mood of my house in Antwerp into the textiles. We literally toured my place gathering textures, tactility, moods and tones. The outcome is an eclectic mix of fabrics deriving not only from my diverse influences and travels, but also from the choice of unexpected and diverse patterns. The range aims at instilling a sense of home and coziness to outdoor environments.

Describe this collection in five words.

  • Tactile
  • Eclectic
  • Cozy
  • Domestic
  • Warm

How does your Perennials collection fit in with your Sutherland Furniture collections, Franck and Otti?

As previously said, my perennials collection is very eclectic and versatile. It adds another layer to Franck and Otti. Due to the diverse pattern and color tones, you can easily change the mood of Franck and Otti – rather soft and calm to a colorful, vibrant mood. It’s always a “reinterpretation,” a new way of approaching the two furniture collections.

Did your architectural background influence your Perennials collection? If yes, how?

Since the beginning of my career, I’ve always been working with textiles, and dealt with their intrinsic qualities. Maybe the architectural influence came more intuitively as the fabric collection was born out of my home.

For me it was important to understand how people live in their homes, to somehow discover an art of living, so that I could mold it, later on, into my works. I have never thought of interior design as being severed from architecture: interiors are architecture. Interiors and exteriors are closely interwoven.

What is your favorite design from the collection?

I don’t have a favorite design or pattern within the collection; they’re all versatile and represent my way of living and my constant search to bring the art of living to the next level.

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