What is Contract Grade Fabric?

In our current times, it is more pivotal than ever that heavily-frequented spaces be sterile. What can be better for restaurants or resorts than bleach-cleanable textiles? Nothing... enter Perennials.

Perennials is proud to offer a wide array of contract grade upholstery fabrics. Qualities like Sail Cloth and Plushy have high durability ratings, meaning they can withstand high traffic areas. What are these ratings? Most clients and developers look for textiles with high Double Rubs. Our fabrics have been tested and tested with machines that mimic one “rub” that imitates a guest sitting down on a fabric. The more Double Rubs a fabric can take before wearing down, the more durability it retains. For instance, Plushy has a whopping 100,000+ Double Rubs rating. Which is insanely impressive considering it is a super luxe velvet quality. Perennials is putting luxury contract fabrics on the map. No scratchy cushions here!

Contract grade fabrics can be incorporated into any residential design. If you are looking for inspiration, take a look at some of our favorite hospitality spaces!

Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos

courtesy of Four Seasons

The Four Seasons Resort in Los Cabos opened in early 2020, and much to our delight, featured Perennials! Tangled is a client favorite, and it’s easy to see why. The artistic pattern adapts to many environments, including outdoor spaces at the Four Seasons.

Abrasion: 30,000+ Double Rubs

The Charles

courtesy of Sees Design

Sees Design incorporated Kitty Kitty in their design for The Charles, an upscale restaurant in Dallas. “Kitty kitty holds a special place in my heart,” explains Sara See. “I was in product development at Perennials at the same time The Charles was being built. I got to combine three of my favorite things: Pasta, wine & fashionable (bleach-cleanable) fabric!”

Abrasion: 50,000+ Double Rubs

Sands Hotel & Spa

courtesy of Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Martyn Lawrence Bullard created a desert paradise in the heart of Palm Springs with the Sands Hotel & Spa. Bullard not only used many of his own Perennials designs, but he also incorporated classic qualities like the Go To Stripe. This quality is ideal for drapery with a breezy vibe and UV-resistant properties.

Abrasion: 17,000 Double Rubs

Number Nine Lounge at Wembley Stadium

KSS and Rainbow Designs in London redesigned the Number Nine Lounge inside Wembley Stadium last year. Narrowing their search on Plushy, the team upholstered 100+ chairs in this luxe velvet. Rainbow’s Seyhan Ahmet  says of Plushy, “It appears like velvet yet is bombproof… I’d never seen anything so durable – you can practically use anything under the kitchen sink to clean it.’”

Abrasion: 100,000+

Virgin Hotel Dallas

courtesy of Virgin Hotels

Virgin Hotel opened their whimsical Dallas location in early 2020, with plenty of spaces to entertain. Swoon, the Studio created a fun social atmosphere with the hotel’s Pool Club, which incorporates Tangled in the striking Hot Flash colorway.

Abrasion: 30,000+ Double Rubs

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