Read through our frequently asked questions.

  • What makes Sutherland different?

    Our furniture is not the result of random mass production – human hands have created every rounded corner and every joint, and the quality of the furniture is the result of our employees’ knowledge and skills.

  • How do I clean & maintain my Sutherland products?

    All our frames can be easily cleaned, and we recommend regular cleaning in order to maintain the beauty and longevity of the frames. Refer to the link below for cleaning recommendations based on material.

    • Care and Maintenance 

  • Help! There is mold growing on my Sutherland teak, what do I do?

    Good news! The appearance of mold is only on the surface contaminates (i.e. dirt and grime on the surface of the teak) and not harming the teak itself. This can easily be rectified by cleaning your teak frame with soap, water and a soft, plastic bristle brush.

  • My cushion has teak oil on it, how do I clean it?

    Teak is a naturally oily wood that has the potential to stain your cushions. For Perennials Fabric stained by teak oil can be cleaned with soap and water or a special eucalyptus-based cleaner available through Sutherland. For other fabrics, we recommend contacting the manufacturer for best cleaning practices. Please be aware oil surfacing is a naturally repeating process that cannot be prevented.

  • I left my cushions uncovered during a rainstorm; how do I dry them?

    Luckily, Sutherland uses flow-through outdoor foam to help speed up the drying time and prevent any mildew or mold from growing in your cushions. To help accelerate the drying time further, lean your cushion up so the zipper is on the bottom. This will encourage faster drainage of any water out of the cushion.

  • How do I fix my chipped powder coat frame?

    If your powder coat frame is chipped, immediately reach out to your local Sutherland showroom or sales representative, and they will order a touch up kit for you. The area must be cleaned of any chipped powder, and then touch-up paint must be applied in thin layers, letting it dry completely between each layer application, building up until the chip is no longer visible. You want to repair any chips in the powder coat to avoid oxidation of the aluminum or further chipping.

  • How do I keep my Sutherland furniture looking pristine throughout the years?

    The best way to maintain your furniture for years is to keep the frames clean in combination with using a furniture cover on each piece. Our furniture covers are specifically fit to each frame and feature Velcro straps to hold it to the furniture, as well as vents on each side to let air pass through and keep your furniture dry.

  • My umbrella has been damaged in a storm. How do I get replacement parts for it?

    If your umbrella has suffered damage, contact your local Sutherland showroom or sales representative for replacement parts. The team will be able to order the parts that you need.

  • My Sutherland teak furniture has small cracks in it. Is this normal?

    Yes! Teak sun-checking or cracking on the exposed end grain is normal and occurs naturally. Most of the time, these cracks are not affecting the structure of the item and are not considered defective. If you have concerns, please contact your local Sutherland showroom or salesperson.

  • Why is my zinc changing in appearance?

    Our zinc goes through a weathering process where the smooth metal develops a gray patina. This happens naturally when exposed to humidity. The client can also help develop this patina by watering their zinc piece regularly and wiping it down with a soft sponge. It is important to note that this gray patina is an ever-evolving finish which is a protective armor for zinc.

  • Can I get custom piece(s) made?

    Yes, we offer customization on certain standard Sutherland items. Need a Peninsula table that accommodates 20 people? Partner with our sales team to tweak our designs to suit your unique needs. Lead times will vary depending on the complication of the design.

  • How do I get samples of finishes, powder coat, or other materials?

    Samples can be ordered online through your verified trade account (www.sutherlandfurniture.com/my-account), or by calling our sales support team (214-638-4161).

  • Do the Domani Planters have drainage holes?

    Yes, each planter is standard with a 1 3/8” (35mm) drainage hole.

  • Are installation instructions available for tables?

    Yes, when tables are shipped with the top and base separated, installation instructions are available. Reach out to your local Sutherland showroom or sales representative, and they can provide them.

  • Is additional yardage needed when my COM has repeat(s)?

    Yes, additional yardage will be required to match pattern repeats. Please contact your local Sutherland showroom or sales representative, and they can provide the required yardage based on your COM selection(s).

  • Are glides available for my furniture?

    Yes, most of our frames come standard with glides already on the frame. If you would like to replace any missing glides or add them to your frame that didn’t come with glides, please reach out to your local Sutherland showroom or sales representative for more information on ordering these.